How to get more viewers on twitch

When I say how to get more viewers on twitch what does it really mean.

When you look at twitch browsing section hundreds of games will be on the directory.

Getting viewers on twitch is hard to get when you are hidden from thousands of streamers above you or around you when everyone is playing the same game as you do. But you have now a chance to get what you are looking an a chance to bring an audience to your channel.

First you have to find your channel average viewership in the last 30 days if you just started look it upwards from 1 to 5 viewers.

  • Check your channel for average viewers Link :
  • When you have the avg number of viewers within the past 30days  you know what to seek
  • Now from the browsing section of twitch you would have to pinpoint what games would be the ones who get you a chance of getting your twitch to grow
  • Top games are definately out of the question into streaming since top streamers will grab pretty much every single viewer and follower on the rankings leaving out nothing to the small streamers

You need games that have a great follow up but yet are not at the top ranks but still have streamers or viewers which you can reach with a small channel . Let’s say 1 to 5 viewers average how to do that?

It’s simple scroll down until you find games you can rank from 1 to 5 viewers ranking 1st, 2nd or ever 3rd row

If you end up in a few pages down then you will lose your chances to be discovered.

I would say from a 1 to 5 viewers average, you could start at games of 2000 viewers and lower.

Depending on time schedule – you may find something interesting.

If by any chance you don’t have these games. Check the games you have and do some quick research on twitch games browser and see what’s the best game to livestream what will give you more chances to be ranked closer to 1st 2nd or 3rd row.

those are a few titles taken when its 11am in EST on a tuesday.

It may vary that is why you have to have a list of games you have ready to check what will give you more leverage or more chances into getting more viewers/followers

When you select a game lets say diablo 3 lets look into it and see what would be of a good example into turning that livestream on and get some people in your channel.

As you can see Diablo 3 at 11am EST is not so bad : 115 viewers at rank 1 .2nd row 7 viewers.

A way to grow your channel and may get something out of it.

3rd row is not shown but also you have to select the language your playing since I preselected english. We got decent results.

Also mention on title if you play on console very important you may have a niche followership and may get a boost on viewers while standing out from the crowd.

The thumbnails are also a way to attract the viewer to click on it. Like that guy on number 1: Grabbing that webcam to whats suppose to be!.

Attention/click bait make it happen big webcam shinny attracting overlays and you got a killer combination. Aim at it focus on playing games on lower competitive streamer as diablo 3 or any other game out there with small amount of viewers.

If you go with a higher competition you would be shooting yourself lets see Fortnite!

149 364 viewers with probably over 10 000 streamers

Will bring your growth to a halt.

If you are playing fortnite just do it for fun or simply forget about growing your channel with it because it wont happen.

1st 2nd and third row is overkilled by the big streamers grabbing pretty much everyone in their streams.

Not a good idea for growing your channel with your limited

With a minimum of 50 viewers avg or simply your viewer count is peaked at 50 viewers.

Your ranking position would be in the 140th position which is about  46 pages down.

A long time to reach your channel but for small streamers from 1 to 5 viewers its about 830th position which is about 276 pages down the browsing section. which is a death sentence to your channels growth.

That’s why you have to try games with a lower competition!

The lower the competition the higher you are in the ranks the more exposure you get to grow your channel.


This article will be updated if more information comes to my mind into making this page more useful to the small streamers out there on how to get more viewers on twitch.


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